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careers news and advice from aol finance - top 10 companies for veterans in 2018 transferring military skills into a civilian career is not an easy task but some companies have made outstanding commitments to help with that transition, women in stem scholarships resources for stem majors - despite an increase in awareness regarding gender inequity women are still underrepresented in science technology engineering and mathematics stem careers, against all odds a success story charlton maxwell - against all odds a success story charlton maxwell jimerson on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers major league baseball outfielder charlton maxwell jimerson is here to set the record straight it started going askew in 2001, on pay gap millennial women near parity for now pew - a new cohort of young women members of the so called millennial generation has been entering the workforce for the past decade at the starting line of their careers they are better educated than their mothers and grandmothers had been or than their young male counterparts are now but when they look ahead they see roadblocks to their success, mentoring matters how more women can get the forbes - opinions expressed by forbes contributors are their own it s well established that the economic empowerment of women isn t just good for women it s good for everyone likewise there is a, racial gender wage gaps persist in u s despite some - large racial and gender wage gaps in the u s remain even as they have narrowed in some cases over the years among full and part time workers in the u s blacks in 2015 earned just 75 as much as whites in median hourly earnings and women earned 83 as much as men, a gender reversal on career aspirations pew research center - a gender reversal on career aspirations young women now top young men in valuing a high paying career by eileen patten and kim parker in a reversal of traditional gender roles young women now surpass young men in the importance they place on having a high paying career or profession according to survey findings from the pew research center, overcoming challenges facing women in business - gender discrimination is a civil rights violation covered by title vii of the civil rights act of 1964 it can involve pay disparities when women are paid less than men for performing essentially the same job or demotion or lack of advancement due to taking time off for family or childbirth related purposes, agenda 2018 l pennsylvania conference for women - agenda 2018 l pennsylvania conference for women l sessions and speakers plan your day at the 2018 pennsylvania conference for women, the 3dexperience magazine 3ds compass mag - territories cities oil and gas field digital twins the upstream oil and gas industry is pushing to apply digital technologies to exploration and production practices yielding better business returns by optimizing processes and increasing efficiency, mediaknowall a webguide for media students and teachers - branwell bront died 168 years ago this weekend on september 24 th 1848 his cause of death was listed as chronic bronchitis and marasmus a polite way of saying he was a coughing half starved alcoholic laudanum addicted wreck who finally mercifully proved unequal to the struggle of drawing breath, why women still can t have it all the atlantic - it s time to stop fooling ourselves says a woman who left a position of power the women who have managed to be both mothers and top professionals are superhuman rich or self employed, 2018 agenda texas conference for women - seating for the opening keynote session is first come first served, are women entrepreneurs catching up it s complicated - despite setbacks at the start female founders are just as successful as men says a new survey here s why that s both uplifting and puzzling, a woman s hidden sacrifice to become a doctor medical - many people do not know what they are getting into when they start medical school from my own informal poll of my classmates 50 of them would not become a doctor if they knew what they know now, inclusion to exclusion women in syria emory law - women have played a critical role in informal peace processes in syria but must be included formal peace negotiations to achieve lasting peace, africa s top 5 women entrepreneurs business insider - having risen to glory with their entrepreneurship skills in very less time these women have proven their mettle and talent to the world from being featured on forbes top list to receiving, news official site chelsea football club - catch up on all the latest chelsea fc news with blog posts and regular columnists covering team news match previews and reviews and transfer updates, article expired the japan times - the article you have been looking for has expired and is not longer available on our system this is due to newswire licensing terms, she championed the idea that freezing your eggs would free - adams remembers feeling a wonderful sense of freedom after she froze her eggs in her late 30s despite the 19 000 cost her plan was to work a few more years find a great guy to marry and still, foundation for asian american independent media - now accepting submissions to the 24th annual asian american showcase april 2019 subscribe, the 3 purposes of women return of kings - women have a unique taste and aesthetic that transforms any dwelling from a functional unit to a home they add comfort warmth and cleanliness while men tend to focus on more utilitarian and practical aspects of living