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cooperation and competition russia and china in central - summary engagement in central asia the russian far east and the arctic has tested russia s and china s abilities to manage their differences and translate the rhetoric of partnership into tangible gains, here s what russia s military build up in the arctic looks - the cable here s what russia s military build up in the arctic looks like while lawmakers and outgoing u s officials urge trump not to let the orphaned arctic slip through the cracks, russia s first shipment of arctic natural gas reaches - the independent barents observer reports that the first ever shipload of liquefied natural gas lng from russia s arctic has reached india via the northern sea route more shipments from russia s huge lng plant in yamal are expected to follow one of our main priorities which is laid down in the company s strategy until year 2030 is the geographic expansion of deliveries and, can the u s and russia avoid an arctic arms race the - there has also been an increase in military activity in the arctic as both russia and the united states have held large scale maneuvers president obama s call last fall for the construction of, russia kicks up arctic oil drilling as polar ice caps melt - russia has increased its arctic oil production despite limitations imposed by western sanctions and a more than two year plunge in global oil prices causing angst with environmentalists that warn, america s arctic aggression might prompt russia to - the us demand that russia allow it to use the northern sea route hints at future hybrid war aggression in the arctic that could prompt moscow to increase its strategic dependency on china in response a less than desirable scenario that could be avoided if russia balances friend and foe, china russia in the arctic axis of ambivalence - stimson center china and russia are working together ever more closely in the arctic exploiting a policy vacuum in the us an international panel of experts said here but sino russian, chart of russia s fortification of the arctic business - the arctic ice is slowly melting and russia is positioning itself to take advantage of new shipping routes along with natural resources available beneath the arctic seabed in order to capitalize, russia s military buildup in arctic puts u s on alert - russian president vladimir putin has never been one to pass up a photo up and his latest candids comes from the icy arctic he was photographed in march pensively walking among glaciers reports, russia s untapped arctic potential chatham house - russia has vast oil and gas reserves in the arctic but is unable to exploit them due to sanctions the technological shortcomings of state owned companies gazprom and rosneft and their unwillingness to cooperate with private russian companies with the relevant experience, territorial claims in the arctic wikipedia - the arctic consists of land internal waters territorial seas exclusive economic zones eezs and high seas all land internal waters territorial seas and eezs in the arctic are under the jurisdiction of one of the eight arctic coastal states canada norway russia denmark via greenland iceland sweden finland and the united states, russia fires ballistic missile in arctic military tests - russia s nuclear powered yuri dolgoruky submarine has successfully test launched an intercontinental ballistic missile in the barents sea in the arctic according to state news agency itar tass, u s special forces train for arctic battle with russia - american green berets are training in the frigid temperatures of alaska this month in order to prepare for potential battles in the arctic around 1 500 troops are participating in the exercises, why russia gave up alaska america s gateway to the arctic - the tale of how and why russia ceded its control over alaska to the u s 150 years ago is actually two tales and two intertwining histories, russia moves to promote northeast passage through arctic - northeast passage russia moves to boost arctic shipping this year has seen a record number of ships pass through the northeast passage in the arctic ocean russian president vladimir putin is, russian arctic moves look eerily familiar coast guard - the head of the coast guard says russia has all the pieces on the chessboard in the arctic but the us has only got a couple of pawns, the arctic borders vox com - there s a new ocean at the top of our globe in just the past three decades global warming has shrunk the size of the arctic ocean s summer ice by half the region is now more accessible than, arctic and antarctic museum in st petersburg russia - arctic and antarctic museum the dramatic story of russian and soviet polar exploration unfolds before visitors to this museum from the first days of polar navigation in the russian far north to the modern day research stations in antarctica the breathtaking achievements of scientists and travelers are covered in great detail and illustrated with authentic artifacts, russia is building up its arctic the independent - russia s national interests in the arctic explain certain activities but not all some make it appear that russia is engaged in a one sided arms race in the region there is little the uk, russia floats new nuclear power station and new risks - the world s first floating nuclear power station a 21 500 metric ton russian vessel called the akademik lomonosov is slowly making its way across the arctic ocean on a multi stage trip to