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helping your child deal with bullies focus on the family - nancy she did and yet even that didn t prevent her from being bullied jim or feel the pain of it nancy and feel the pain oh absolutely jim but her response was solid nancy it was when you have a fragile child oh my goodness the first thing we want to do is take them out of the school go up there, helping kids deal with bullies focus on the family - in your efforts to come alongside your child you will probably want to draw on the help of other trusted adults school authorities counselors a pastor a youth leader a church elder or a family friend, stop bullying at school tips that help children deal with - tell your child you need to know what is going on so you can help stop bullying at school it is not their fault and they can get help to stop bullying make sure you give them a chance to really talk and make sure you are really listening, how to respond when your kids are bullied verywell family - if your child is being bullied there are ways to help lessen its lasting impact for instance focus on offering comfort and support no matter how angry or upset you are remember kids often don t tell adults about bullying because they feel embarrassed ashamed or confused, when your child is bullied at school focus on the family - help your child find the freedom of forgiveness through the holy spirit if you would like to discuss your child s situation with a professional counsellor don t hesitate to call focus on the family canada s counselling staff at 1 800 661 9800, standing up against bullying focus on the family - the bounds of the law to protect your child s safety and self respect is my child being bullied funstock istock thinkstock taken from the complete guide to baby and child care a focus on the family book published by tyndale house publishers inc 1997 2007 by focus on the family, 10 ways to help your child overcome bullying verywell family - bullying can affect your child in a number of ways and regaining self confidence is a process that may require outside intervention a counselor also can assess your tween or teen for depression and thoughts of suicide even if you suspect your child is fine never underestimate the power of bullying, 7 ways to support a child who is bullied at school - many comedians developed their wit as a result of being bullied as children turning the criticism into humor can often take some of the bite out of the insults if possible try pointing out the absurdity in a bully s comment to reveal the humor to your child, fastereft can help your child deal with being bullied - fastereft can help your child deal with being bullied being bullied can be one of the most traumatic experiences children and teenagers go through the challenge for parents is wanting to protect their child without making the situation worse and while helping their child learn to deal with the conflict themselves, what to do if your child is being bullied expert tips - they need a trusted person a touchstone help your child identify a safe person at school who can help him if the bullying continues bullying can cause long term emotional harm for children, what to do if your child is bullied help kids deal with - if my child comes to me and tells me he is being bullied what is the best thing to do i would say let your child talk about it don t say what did you do that made them tease you that s a pit parents can fall into don t make the assumption that your kid has done something to bring on the teasing