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1930 reasons christianity is false 1930 reasons - according to the bible god killed or authorized the killings of up to 25 million people this is the god of which jesus was an integral part, is jesus christ derived from lord krishna hinduism - well sir jesus father joseph is not the one you mentioned with 12brothers the above mentioned joseph live 1000 s of years before christ you can find that joseph s story in old testament but jesus father joseph is a different person from the the person you mentioned the son of jacob and the name is a very common name among the jews at that time and krishna s story and mahabarata are, true history of islam mohammed and the koran - the god of muslims is revealed as a tyrant who demands muslims and all others submit to him whereas in the new testament jesus revealed to christians a god who is a loving father who wants us to come to him via free will, god s little lambs bible stories julie stiegemeyer qin - god s little lambs bible stories is a storybook bible written just for little ones with a padded cover and simple accessible text by julie stiegemeyer children will learn about god s love through stories such as noah s ark jonah and the big fish and jesus welcomes the children, amazon com jesus storybook bible animated dvd vol 1 - the multiple award winning jesus storybook bible written by sally lloyd jones and illustrated by jago now comes to life as short animated videos narrated by british actor david suchet this volume one dvd contains the first eleven stories from the old testament, did a historical jesus exist nobeliefs com - amazingly the question of an actual historical jesus rarely confronts the religious believer the power of faith has so forcefully driven the minds of most believers and even apologetic scholars that the question of reliable evidence gets obscured by tradition religious subterfuge and outrageous claims, dwindling in unbelief how many has god killed complete - steve wells said psybermonkey thanks for the suggestion i m working on it i hope to have a post with god s killings ranked with a five star scale of nastiness later today skanksta i d like to make a list of god s animal killings and i may do that someday but it s going to be kind of boring, the nephilim giants in the bible beginning and end - the nephilim in the bible were the offspring of fallen angels and human women a biblical examination of the nephilim and their connection to the alien ufo phenomenon, is jesus divine like god or is jesus a created being - the idea that god created jesus just does not agree with the bible jesus was not created by god because all things were made through jesus and there was nothing made that he didn t have a part in making, who is michael the archangel in the bible - who is michael the archangel in the bible michael the archangel is a very important individual in heaven archangel means chief of the angels so michael must be the chief or leader of the angels later we will find out from the bible that michael is actually the commander of the lord s army of angels in heaven, book details harpercollins com - bookperk is a promotional service of harpercollins publishers 195 broadway new york ny 10007 providing information about the products of harpercollins and its affiliates, spiritual growth poems and stories at god s little acre - 31 god s child on loan i ll lend to you for a little time a child of mine god said for you to love while she lives and to mourn for when she s dead 32 a very special prayer heavenly father help us to remember that the jerk who cut us off in traffic last night is a single mother who worked nine hours that day and was rushing home to cook dinner, jesus is lord com jesus christ is the only way to god - www jesus is lord com jesus christ is the only way to god i am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the father but by me jesus christ john 14 6, the book of enoch black adam albino noah and the image - was everyone on the planet black before noah s flood the book of enoch seems to indicate that the world before noah s flood was a much darker place as far as melanin is concerned while the book of enoch is not considered canon official scripture it was very important to the ancient hebrews in fact it was so important that they hid it among the dead sea scrolls at qumran, only the gods are real frowl dot org - aido hwedo also called ayida weddo she is the voodoo rainbow serpent goddess she is the wife of damballa wedo or hwedo and is considered equivalent to the african mawu allvis in norse mythology the son of vindalf and king of the dwarfs, christians beware of freemasonry - since freemasonry has attempted so strenuously to claim that they are just a good ole boy fraternity that does good works and has a good time most people will be shocked to learn the bitter truth behind that facade, islam discovered in the bible endtime ministries with - the 9 11 terrorist attacks were expected to have a negative impact on the religion of islam however the exposure actually resulted in an increase in conversions some have predicted that all of europe will be islamic by 2040 many of the flags of islamic countries are predominantly green in, the rh negative registry theory jesus yashua s nazarene - what i have learned from my research is that jesus yashua was a blonde blue eyed scandinavian pontius pilot described jesus yashua s hair as being similar to the color of a walnut shell or chestnut shell, human knowledge foundations and limits - fideisms judaism is the semitic monotheistic fideist religion based on the old testament s 1000 600 bce rules for the worship of yahweh by his chosen people the children of abraham s son isaac c1800 bce zoroastrianism is the persian monotheistic fideist religion founded by zarathustra c628 c551 bce and which teaches that good must be chosen over evil in order to achieve salvation, is there joy in god s house day1 org - the rev dr thomas g long is a minister in the presbyterian church u s a and the bandy professor of preaching at candler school of theology emory university atlanta ga, keturah s sons and the midians early church of jesus - keturah s sons and the midians page s index 1 introduction medes persia arabs moscow and afghanistan 1 1 keturah s children 1 2 the mountain of god 1 3 agaba and alkaaba of saudi arabia and the midian almadina city and al kaaba in mecca of saudi arabia 1 4 the medes and the arabs origin 1 5 references about persia persian iran in the bible, answers to emails on the bible and homosexuality - the god made me this way argument and peter s vision in acts from andre sent wednesday august 31 2011 10 25 pm to robert gagnon subject question re christian homosexual hello dr gagnon thanks so much for your website your work and your publications and for sharing them so freely with so many